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Dog Blocker PCB from US Manufacture - May 25th, 2013

Surface mount PCB back from the US manufacture. v0.91d of the surface mount board is 1.34" x 0.90" - 1.20in2. Everything mounts nicely to this PCB with limited fuss. Acquired parts for manufacture of 10 surface mount prototypes. Waiting for delivery of equipment required to build completed surface mount boards. Work progressing on case design and manufacture. Next update should show a more finalized prototype.

Dog Blocker Foam Prototype - May 10th, 2013

Dog Blocker foam core prototypeAfter many drawings, the first fully functional prototype was assembled. It's built from foam core and hot glue (obviously, not what the finished product will be made from). The prototype allows me to work on the style, size and physical layout so the finished product performs and looks as best as possible.

Dog Blocker Surface Mount PCB - May 9th, 2013

Surface mount board design has gone through several iterations. Changed the design to have two 3mm LEDs instead of one at 5mm. This change results in a brighter alarm flasher, wider viewing angles, a little cheaper and no additional components (added an LED, subtracted a resistor). v0.91c of the surface mount board is 1.34" x 0.91" - 1.22in2. The surface mount board includes mounting for both acoustic transducers, both LEDs, programming port, connection for power and infrared sensor. This makes the board much larger than it could be without the mounting areas. But will greatly simplify assembly, thus lowering cost.

Dog Blocker PCB Redesign - April 29th, 2013

Redesigning both the through-hole and surface mount PCB. v0.9g of the through-hole PCB is now only 1.65" x 0.91" - 1.50in2. The surface mount PCB is coming along, with simplicity and small size being the primary design goals. Most of the patent application is written.

Dog Blocker Through-Hole Prototype PCB - April 20th, 2013

Dog Blocker Chinese PCBReceived the second prototype PCB batch from China - v0.9e. Shipping took a little while, but the boards are nice. Built two more prototypes and they're working great. For a large production run, I could see using this fabrication lab due to the lower cost and high quality.
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