Why Dog Blocker?

Roxie and me

Dog Blocker was inspired by the difficulties I had with Roxie, my Yorkshire Terrier. She'd be outside for 3 hours; then come inside to poop in the living room.Are you kidding me!?!?  I could never catch her in the act, she would sneak off and get in trouble when I wasn't looking.

To stop the problem, I tried putting up child gates and other barricades. This partially worked, but added the inconvenience of having to maneuver around the barricades and made my home cluttered. There were also room openings that were too wide for a child gate to block off. Which is exactly where Roxie decided to do her job instead. I thought to myself; there had to be a better way. I needed an invisible fence, but for inside the home.

This is when the idea of Dog Blocker was born. Dog Blocker is a training aid that reminds your dog that you don't want them in an off-limits area. In training mode, you and your dog are alerted so you can make sure your dog knows they're entering an off-limits area. In normal mode, only your dog gets the reminder, with a harmless ultrasonic siren and bright flashing lights. There's no human audible sound in normal mode, so you can walk from room to room without a siren going off or tripping over a child gate or barricade.

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