Enclosure Delays

October 26th, 2015

Wow! It's been an extremely long time since our last update! The main cause for the delay and lack of updates is my uncertainty about the enclosure. The engineering and tooling costs for injection molding is crazy expensive. My inexperience in this area and not wanting to throw away $10,000+ has caused a lot of hesitation. I do believe, however, I've worked out a solution. Basically, the project will go forward with a laser cut "naked" case which will be acrylic and standoffs. I can then create stretch goals for a full laser cut acrylic or wood case. Finally, another stretch goal for the more expensive injection molding at which time I would have the funds for an engineer and the mold. I now have an enclosure plan in place that I believe will allow me to go forward and launch! Expect more frequent updates too.
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